Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life changes.....

Change is unavoidable!  Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad.  Sometimes it can be a blessing.  A couple months ago my boss (at the time) told his employees that he may need to lay off someone, as business had declined.  I agonized over this, trying to think of how I would survive without a job.  The stress of it was overwhelming.  I thought of every angle of the situation.  Looking back at it now, I know there is no thought I could have had that would have properly prepared me!  For weeks it dominated my thoughts.  

Then came the day of the layoff....somehow I was in a daze the day it happened.  It seems foggy to me, even though it is still very fresh.  

Things will be tight but we will get by.  I know that I am a strong resourceful person and have already figured out that I can go back to school.  Though it may be tight for a while, in the long run it will be way better for my family!

My kids have been very happy to have me home when they get home from school.  They love baking with me in the afternoon and that I can attend evening school activities and not get there late!!  

So I say this is a positive life change!!  :)