Thursday, February 3, 2011

Under Construction....

I am sorry I have not posted for a long time.....After spending a brief amount of time in Connecticut with my best friend, April, I returned home to a plethora of holidays crashing down around me.  

Thanksgiving came fast and furious with a snow storm.  My kids were disappointed to be stuck at home with no family visiting.

December brought a major ice storm which left me with a 12 hour commute home from work one night.  I rescued stranded bus riders and we raided a box of candy from halloween that I had hidden in my trunk.  The company helped me make it through the storm!

It also brought my 32 birthday..... I have never much cared about getting older so I am not afraid to say it....I am now 32! :)

The day after my birthday brought a shock wave....David moved out.  It still leaves me with little understanding and lots of heartache.

My Dad came to visit for Christmas which made the kiddos and I very happy!!  He even made us breakfast on Christmas and dinner!!  I love my Dad!!

January passed quickly .... and now we are here into February....

So as my life is under construction presently, I will try to construct more time for blogging! :)

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