Thursday, November 11, 2010

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In case you are unaware, my very best friend, April's husband was in a very serious collision on Friday November 5, 2010.  He was on his way to work when a drunk driver crossed over into his lane hitting him head on at 60 miles per hour.  He was cut out of his car and taken via ambulance to Hartford hospital in Connecticut. He was admitted and taken to the ICU neurological trauma center.  He is stable now but still not conscious, his kids can't come see him because of all the wires and monitors.  The doctors say they don't know how this will effect him in the long run but he will be hospitalized for a very long time and they are saying a rehabilitation center will most likely follow his hospital stay.

April and Chris work hard to support their family.  They both work 2 jobs (April sometimes works 3)!!  They barely are able to make it on the amount that all those jobs bring in!  Now with Chris not working, April is going to have a very tough time of it!!

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And please please pray for my friend April and her family!!

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