Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas on the brain!!

I know it isn't even October yet but man, I have Christmas on the brain!!  All the prep for the Cookie exchange, I guess!  I have thought back to Christmases past and cherished old the one of Santa putting presents under the tree in his red bikini, thanks dad!! LOL  Seriously though, Christmas has been a treasured time for me, like most.  A time for family gatherings and the smells of baking.  Last Christmas was a little tough but I hope to leave it in the past.

This Christmas will be the first where my kids don't rush in and wake me at 4 am, so it will be a little different.  However, I plan on making Christmas Eve extra special for my kids!!  On Christmas, you may find me volunteering somewhere or maybe at the movie theater(that would be a first)!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  Do you plan on starting new traditions?

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