Friday, October 8, 2010

Another week in The Glee Club on Dixie Pieces.

The challenge this week was based on the music of Rafi.  I chose to use the song title "This little light of mine"  I used a picture of Tristan that I took on the first day of snow.  He got all his snow gear on and was begging to go outside. Tristan has a lot of medical issues but skiing has been a huge delight in his life so snow makes him light up.

Here is a little back ground on Tristan.  He had low muscle tone when he was really little.  I always knew there was something different about him and I never stopped trying to figure it out.  I mean what two year old knows all the names of all the construction vehicles and all the cars on the road.  He could say 100 words at a year old and could speak in sentences... We were finally able to get a diagnosis when he was nine.  Aspergers or high functioning autism....honestly, I wasn't shocked.  He was also diagnosed with OCD and turrets syndrome.  It was hard to swallow all at one time but I never thought for one second that there was anything wrong with him.  He is perfect the way he is! :)  The doctor offered medications but I decided that I didn't want to medicate my sweet boy. 

I also was able to complete a birthday card for a mini challenge.  I don't really like the way it turned out, wasn't what I pictured in my head....but it will do :) 

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