Saturday, October 2, 2010


Got some chores done today and then this afternoon I was working on some scrapbook pages. I might post some tomorrow. Here are the some layouts I did for the Glee Club Challenge.

Sorry I couldn't rotate it....This was created for Glee Club Week one.  The challenge was to base your page on a Beatles song.  There was a list of them that you had to pick from......
This one was for for Glee Club Week two.  The Challenge was to create a Grunge Layout based on a Train song.  I really tried to step out of the box.....I used to only do 12X12 pages but I have really been liking 8.5X11. 

This is Teddy with Koadi!  I doodled to fill the negative space.  I also slopped some paint on.  I don't know how many points I have over at Dixie Pieces but I have been having a good time chatting with the ladies and participating in the challenges.

I will try to post pictures of the newest layout tomorrow....I haven't even posted it at Dixie Pieces yet.  :) 

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